Langtons Junior Academy 2023 Leaver Hoodies

Vinyl & Threads

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I am so pleased to be able to offer the official Langtons Junior Academy Class of 2023 Hoodies for the 5th year running! With added zipped hoody option (+£2).

Please note that the hoodies will be delivered directly to the school for distribution to the children but your address details will still be required at checkout for billing purposes. Orders are being collected and printed in bulk for delivery to the school in advance of the summer holidays so the children have their hoodies ready for the residential in September. The deadline for orders to be guaranteed in time for this is Thursday 30th June 2022. As always I'm happy to accept orders after this time so no one misses out but would recommend you order before the end of June to ensure your child receives theirs with the majority.

 A portion of the purchase price will be returned to the school to be put towards end of year leaver celebrations for your children. So purchasing a hoody is not only a lovely keepsake and right of passage but is also helping to fundraise to help make their end of primary school festivities something to remember.

Enter the initials exactly as you’d like them to be printed. For double barrelled or names that include an apostrophe feel free to include the punctuation if you’d like it included (e.g. Tom O’Shea you might want TOS or prefer TO’S and for Poppy Smith-Walker you may want it to read PSM or even PS-M).

Size guide:

  • 9-11 (32in chest)
  • 12-13 (34in chest)
  • Adult Small (36in chest)
  • Adult Medium (40in chest)
  • Adult Large (44in chest) 

Hoodies are navy and printing is white.